2005 Lincoln Town Car sudden acceleration while braking


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I have a 2005 Lincoln Town car and when I step on the brakes hard between 5 and 10mph the car accelerates rapidly and I have to quickly throw it in neutral to get it to stop. I actually can't stop the car unless I place it in neutral. When I get it in neutral the engine races and eventually slows down but it almost seems like the car is being floored yet my foot is hard on the brake only. I checked and there is nothing underneath that would cause the brake to bind or hit the gas pedal. The car has adjustable pedals and traction control. This has happened three times now within a short period of time approx. 100 miles and I am afraid to drive the car. Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated.


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Are your adjustable pedals fully functional? I think they are supposed to move about 2". Mine only move about 1/2" because like many of them the plastic worm gear on mine is broken. If yours is broken, perhaps that is where some binding is taking place. I've never heard or read of your problem before. Sounds pretty scary.