2005 Lincoln Navigator Air Suspension Diagnosis


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This may be a longer post but I want to give you the details as I can. 2005 Lincoln Navigator as stated, live in Florida, and vary rarely do I ever see any issues with the suspension until the weather drops to 60 degrees or below. Last year, the front air springs were original, so replaced those with a set of Arnott airsprings after hearing air escaping out of the passenger top cap. Resolved issue, so thought I was in the clear for a while.

This year, temps dropped again below 60, and the rear airsprings would not inflate. Front airsprings operate as they should. Ordered new airbag with O-Ring kit (Arnott does not have a rear complete airspring for the '05 Navi) and rebuilt both sides, ensuring that every O-RIng was heavily coated and lubricated with silicone dialectic grease as Arnott suggested. Rears inflated and seemed to hold overnight. Stood on the back trailer hitch and jumped up and down etc, no noticeable drop. Took the car on a drive in the cold, and after a few miles rear bags deflated again. I sprayed the entire shock and solenoid with a bubble solution to try and determine what was causing the issue; did not see any bubbles. When temps climb back to 65 and above, the vehicle easily inflates and holds pressure. I shut off the air suspension and took it for a cool drive this morning and it also deflated on me after a few miles with system turned off.

So I'm wondering if I have a bad solenoid on one or both of the rear shocks, that's causing a slow leak? ALL of the solenoid O-Rings were changed and lubricated, so I don't think there is any issue there, but internally these are original so maybe its leaking in the internal system when cold? I understand they inflate as a pair in the rear (not independent like the front) so it could be one or both.

Am I on the right track thinking it could be the solenoids bad internally and therefore venting into the air line so I wouldn't see the bubbles? Any more troubleshooting I should do before throwing more parts (new solenoids) at it? Has anyone had this kind of issue and found out it was bad solenoids?

Thank you!