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2005 Lincoln LS Keyless entry code location


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I searched the internet the other day for the location for the keyless entry door code - I misplaced the code card that came with the car - for a couple hours. Could not believe how many different places everyone said it was located. Most said you can ONLY get it at the Lincoln dealer. I have had Fords and Lincolns my whole life and the code is ALWAYS somewhere in the vehicle. I found my code inside the driver's door - after removing the door panel - on a sticker that was on the driver's door module. The code worked but I found a little something extra when I was playing with the code.

Normally, on my other Ford/Lincolns you can push the last number again - the other 3 door locks will open. On this 2005 Lincoln LS I pushed the last number seven (7) more times and the other 3 doors unlocked. This is great because my driver door lock is somehow out of sequence and will not 'unlock' completely. I will be disassembling the door lock assembly to "realign" the lock/unlock gears with the motor pretty quick here.

This is another one of those FYI things that no one seems to know - Now you do!!

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