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2005 cranks but no start p0350


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A friend has a 2005 Lincoln Town Car Signature and one night after parking it, it would not start the next day. It drove fine the previous day with no issues. The was a CEL and pulling the code it was a P0350 and the car is running rich. It cranks but will not turn over. We got it to start a couple of times by starting the car in flood mode (pedal all the way to the floor before turning the key and starting the vehicle) but it was misfiring badly. Here is what we have done so far and any help/advice would be appreciated. Replaced the electronic IAC, plugs, coil packs, fuel filter, crank and camshaft position sensors, and throttle position sensor. Also cleaned the throttle body, plenum, and MAF. You can hear the fuel pump prime and the throttle body sweeping when you turn the key to the on position.
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This is a really dumb question, considering everything you've replaced, but have you checked to make sure the plugs are gapped correctly and are actually getting spark? It doesn't look like you've replaced the spark plug wires, so if you've got bum wires then you may not be getting spark at the plug.

Have you checked the air filter to make sure it's clean? I'm pretty sure the '05 came with the K&N million-mile filter and I know people sometimes don't realize those need to be cleaned and oiled periodically.