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2004 Navigator P0401


New member
Got the dreaded P0401 code. I pulled a vacuum on the EGR valve while the engine was running, the engine stalled. I changed the EGR actuator solenoid, the pressure differential sensor, the IAC valve, changed all the rubber vacuum hoses, pulled a vacuum on the hard plastic hoses, took off the crossover tube on the rear of the upper intake and put sealant on the ends, checked the PCV to make sure it wasn't stuck.

My wife is getting to the point she wants to get rid of it. We bought the Nav for 1200, took it to a shop and had the timing chain set replaced. It's in really good shape, and paid for, I don't want to sell it. We have about 4000 into it. I don't want to take a loss on it.

Any ideas on what could be wrong would be greatly appreciated. She would happy and that would make me happy.