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Has anyone experienced this problem before. After driving for awhile and when your running the A/C after you kill the engine there is a noticeable boiling sound behind the dash. The engine isn't hot, what is causing the boiling sound?? Any body ever had this problem. Any response would be appreciated. Thanks, GTSkeeter


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Welcome to the Forum. Yes, I have had that problem.

I thought the same as SGilbert that it was air bubbles. I thought the evaporator as it usually happened when the A/C was on. But when I replaced the actuator for the fresh air intake (located behind dash where the bubbling sound seems to come from) the noise was gone and never returned.

The bubbling sound can also be the actuators for the mode doors to direct air flow to the outlets. Also the blend door actuators can make a bubbling noise, but not as loud as the others.

You are best to run the EATC self test in our Tech forum here: Town Car EATC Self test all the Town Car models are covered so just find your model there and download the file(s) and follow the instructions. If you have a actuator problem the display will show a DTC and there is an explanation for the DTC. There is some variation in the models and codes but overall much the same. We also have some procedures in the Tech forum to correct the problems shown by the DTC.

Good luck.
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