2004 Lincoln LS: Stalling when "idling" and Interior "mold" issues


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Good Day!

I purchased a "single owner", 2004 LS from a family member several years ago. At the time, it seemed like a "no brainer" because the car had been meticulously cared for and any known mechanical issues promptly repaired. The LS had been sitting for a while but was taken to a local mechanic for a check-over before purchase and was said to be in working order.

"STALLING" ISSUE: I used the car "one" time...turned a corner rather quickly because the car behind me was about to eat my rear bumper...the LS backfired loudly...did a sluggish "chug-chug", but I was able to make it home with no problem. After that, it began to stall when turning corners, idling at stop lights/signs, and sometimes just in slow-moving traffic. I would have to just sit there and hope I could get it started and "power brake" it to my next location.

I joined a Lincoln forum...had people help me troubleshoot the issue...my husband, who is an all-around handy man that repairs our other vehicles, threw parts at it based on recommendations and the purchase of a "code reader" (some type of sensor, properly cleaning the MAF, replacing the timing chain, etc.)...but to no avail. My husband eventually had no more time to devote to troubleshooting the issue, so it has sat in our driveway ever since.

"MOLD" ISSUE: Our area of the U.S. has suffered two back-to-back hurricanes (2017 & 2018), and we get a lot of thunderstorms. This past week, after noticing a significant amount of "condensation" building up inside the LS's front, passenger window, I opened the car for the first time in a long while to find standing water in the cup holders and door panels...the floors soaked...and dark mold growing on the door panels, leather seats, and interior parts.

I used white, distilled vinegar to clean and kill the mold, as well as wiping everything with an antibacterial liquid soap, then clean water to remove any residue from the vinegar and soap. I used a wet-vac on the carpets and am still trying to dry them out with a fan. After the carpet is dry, I am going to sprinkle Borax and work it into the fibers...let it sit to kill any mold/mildew in the carpet, then vacuum again.

There are residual stains from the mold that is left on the leather seats and the door panels that I cannot get out with simple cleaning.


1) Does anyone have first-hand knowledge of how to fix the "stalling issue"...or at least, the underlying cause of the problem?

2) Is the material on the door panels "below" the metal handles some type of "leather" or is it actually "vinyl"? That will determine what type of product I use to try to get the mold stains out of those areas.

3) What product can I use to get mold stains safely out of the leather seats?

4) What would cause the tubing that drains the water from any leakage in the "moon roof" to suddenly shrink almost two inches after being newly replaced? That seemed to be the origin of the "flooding" problem.

5) Is the "trunk compartment" of the 2004 LS known to have a "leaking" problem as well? There was standing water in the area where the battery is located.

Thank you very much for your time! Have a great day!
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