2004 Aviator - Replace Engine VS Valve Guides - AKA TSB-06-05-13

Charles Ford

Junior Member
Hi all,

I have a 2004 Aviator 2WD 163K miles. Mine suffers from the sticky valve syndrome due to the powder-coated valve guides/cooling issue. Cylinder 4 and 7 random misfires, etc. It is my work truck and I have been babying it for the past 3 years. I have tried engine lubricants, etc, all temporary fixes which are just prolonging the inevitable. Other than this issue it has been great. This is a sketchy proposition perhaps, but rather than buy a used vehicle with unknown issues, I am considering fixing this one. Has anyone had this issue (TSB-06-05-13) and if so, has anyone swapped engines with a post-2004 4.6L V8? My other thought is this: is it possible to replace the valve guides/valves and cure this ailment? This vehicle has been otherwise PERFECT. Never had an issue that was outside of normal maintenance. I think it is worth the investment to keep this one going for a few more years. I guess I am not ready to let it go... Any thoughts or shared experience would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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