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2002 Lincoln Town Car - seat drive stripped


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As nobody else has jumped in I will give what little experience I have with this.

To remove the seats just gently pry off plastic covers at each foot. I believe a slight tug to the left and right sides of the car let the little tabs slip free. Then undo the four bolts and tilt the seat back to unplug the power accesories plugs. You may have to use a large star driver T45 or T50 to free the female portion of the seatbelts buckle. I found going out the passenger side easier, you would have to remove the center console which is just squeezed between the seat's feet & floorpan. I laid my seats on their side as if the looked like a capital L from above and then kind of "curled" them out.

As far as I can find there are NO replacement motors or gears available. What I did after months of fruitless searches was look for a donor car without the automatic seat movement. My thought being that the gears will not be used as much and therefore be in better shape. We are all living on borrowed time though. I assume but, am not 100% sure that the base models are less likely to have the automatic seat movement.

I have seen posts where some people went to a Lincoln dealership and after a bit of hassle got them to program the auto seat movement out of the Body Control Module thus saving the gears. Perhaps that can now be done with Forscan program that is talked about a bit on here. (I have never used it.)
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