2001towncar radio and blower don't work

Lewis Salvetta

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Haven't driven this car in a year. Someone stole the battery and I have an 06, so I left it parked. Just went to sell it and while checking it over found that both the heater blower does not work at any speed and radio doesn't turn on either. Are they connected somehow? If not what next? I checked the fuses already


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Ottawa Ontario Canada
The fuses should be checked. Blower fan motor is Fuse 2 (30A) in passenger compartment fuse panel. The Radio has 3 fuses involving the Radio Front Control unit: fuse 18 (7.5 A), fuse 24 (5A) and fuse 33 (15A) in the passenger compartment panel.

Most likely the problem for the blower fan is in the Blower Motor Speed Controller (BMSC), which controls the ground to the blower fan through different resistances. We have the procedures to help diagnose if there is a BMSC problem here: Town Car BMSC Blower Motor Speed Control replacement starting with post #2 for the 2001 model. You will want to ensure there is power to the blower fan if the ground circuit through the BMSC is good.

There is no connection that I am aware of between the HVAC EATC module or blower fan and the radio.

Good luck.
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