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2001 Lincoln Town car intake manifold


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Hey whats up guys? I have been looking all over the web for information about this and havent found anything. I have a 2001 town car signature with 109K miles on it. Recently i have been having some issues with it (wont start sometimes) and there was a small vibration to the car coming from the hood. I took it mechanic and he noticed that there was anti freeze leaking from somewhere but there were o visible cracks or nothing. His diagnosis is that its the intake manifold that needs to be replaced, i have the all plastic cheap one that ford then replaced on the 2002.

my question is would a ford racing intake manifold (normally for mustangs) M-9424-P46 work on the 2001 town car? I was about to have it done with the dorman one but have heard how cheap it is and only bad things about it and read on certains forums that the ford racing one would be better. Just want to make sure its ok before i proceed. i also asked the mechanic about a possible blown head gasket but he told me thats probably not it since theres no visible leaks other than the anti freeze.


I'm gonna assume that you didn't drop anything into an open intake port, so would guess that you have a cylinder not firing.
Quite a few possible reasons for this, could be a vacuum leak, a bad connection or possibly two spark plug wires reversed. Check also that no coolant is in any of the spark plug wells.
On my car it was a failing coil, acted up the day I finished the manifold replacement just because the weather was very hot.


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Mine was a leak from the intake gasket in the thermostat housing. Replaced the whole gig, but I just went with the dorman bc I have the poors. No help with your actual question, sorry. Lol.