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6F305550-3929-4069-8D8E-9DC332754917.jpeg I bought my Ls from the original owner over 7 years ago. He took very good care of the car. Had 82k miles at the time my parents purchased it . He gave me a stack of maintenance records also had the original window sticker. This is the time my parents owned it. The car broke down on them so many times they threw out all the stacks of maintenance papers and the window sticker in the trash! They planned on sending an excellent shape car to the junkyard. My grandpa wanted to save it for me and he spent a lot of money on it. We have over 10k into it mechanically. I own it know and store it in my garage. I’m still going to keep it for a long time. Was my first car. It has 108k miles at this time. Plan on putting antique tags on it 2028. Hopefully a future classic. Bought a Deluxe Marti report for $46. My Lincoln is 1 of 72!