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I replaced the Alpine OEM with an Alpine ILX-W650 double din. I hooked up the door speakers and subwoofers (2 oem 6 x 9 subs are in the deck corners controlled by an oem amp) to the new head unit. The system sounds ok and the subs sound strong. I have the subs hooked up to the sub output on the head unit, and although the headunit cannot control the output, crossover or anything pertaining to the subs, it still does get a signal to turn on and offer nice bass. The oem amp seems to be overriding everything from the head unit. Opening the subwoofer controls on the head unit (off, on, crossover, etc...) does not do anything, as I cannot shut the speakers off, adjust them, or anything. Basically just enjoy the bass that the amp gives and stop complaining type of deal.
Here is the issue. The door speakers sound fair at best, so I installed a new set of front and rear (6.5 front door, and 6 x 8 rear door) Infinty Kappa speakers. The sound from the doors is decent on the highs and ok on the mids, but NO bass is coming through them, NONE. The entire system, AT THIS TIME, are hooked up to the new Alpine head unit. I decided to disconnect the rear amp for testing purposes, by unplugging both the input and the output plugs. Now the Door speakers ROCK, and I mean ROCK. Bass comes through hard and sharp. The rears are a little muffled on the highs, but really kick on the bass. The fronts have just a little less bass, but are incredible with the highs so we have some balance. I really don't want to completely abandon the subs in the rear corners if possible since they have their own amp, but I'm not sure how the amp is messing with the door speakers. I have a Fosgate 400-4 4 channel amp that I could hook up to the doors and just run the wires from the amp to the speakers and abandon the factory speaker wires to the doors, but I hate to do all that work powering the amp through RCA's for signal, only to have the same problem. If I go through running #4 to the battery and running wires etc... and the rear amp just shuts down the Fosgate, this would only mean I am just powering the door speakers better and abandoning the factory amp and subs. They sound pretty good right now without the amp. I want it ALL. The only reason I am really wanting to keep the 6 x 9 subs is that they really do sound pretty good. I only want the factory amp to run the subs, but not to interfere with the doors.
Does anyone have any insight into this??
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