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1998 Town Car questions


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My in-laws just purchased a new vehicle and they are passing their 1998 Town Car down to us this weekend. The car has been in the family since it was ordered new and only has 136k miles. It has been babied its whole life and is in remarkably good shape. I've never owned a Lincoln before and he says that it is a Town Car Signature with the Cartier package. I thought it had to be one or the other. He swears up and down that it is BOTH because it was a special order. The original sticker shows $54k when it was ordered new. Anyone else ever heard of that?

The only issue the car has now is that the power drivers seat will not move forward or backward. All of the other power options on the seat work, except for that one. That doesn't sound like the motor to me. Maybe an easy switch fix?



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The Town Car has 3 models in the normal wheelbase: Executive, Signature, Cartier; and the L models which had a 6" longer wheelbase. If your Town Car has the Cartier package then it would be called a Town Car Cartier. It should have the Cartier badges and extra cost standard features over the Signature model.

The driver seat comes with the easy-out feature that moves the seat back up to 2" when the ignition is switched off and moves the seat to the memory position when the ignition is switched on. This frequent forward and backward movement wears out the seat track. It is not a sudden occurrence but gets worse over time with mechanical noises as the seat moves that gets worse and then grinds to a halt. The easiest fix is to replace the track and motors but it would be cheaper to replace the track and re-use the motors but it takes more effort. The easy-out feature can only be defeated if you keep the seat full back or have the Driver Seat Module software updated with the easy-out option disabled (it is an option on program loading).

That is a very nice car so it would be worthwhile to get it working correctly.
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