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1998 Eaton Instal


New member
Well after several months and long ours its finally done, 1998 Lincoln Mark 8, the car has 75 K on the clock starting at the rear 410 gears cobra Posi, built Trans PI 3000 stall Triple disk, Custom LTH, built long block 10 to 1 Manley Pistons and rods steel crank balanced and blue printed ported heads, 55 pound injectors SCT BA 3000 Maf JLT CAK, about 12 PSI custom 5 Gallon chill tank in trunk Avco heat exchanger. FB_IMG_1564952675822.jpgFB_IMG_1564952672025.jpgFB_IMG_1564952641981.jpgFB_IMG_1564952630812.jpgFB_IMG_1564952653034.jpgFB_IMG_1564952648540.jpgFB_IMG_1564952661440.jpgFB_IMG_1564952657217.jpg