1998 Continental Blend door actuator

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So, we recently purchased a 98 continental. Love the car. However, yesterday, went out and as it is getting cold enough in Idaho to start to need the heat, couldn't help notice that all the air was blowing ice cold. With what I have been able to find online, I am almost positive it is the blend door actuator. (Heater hoses plenty warm, clicking in the dash, etc.) I have found the instructions for replacement on the Town Car, but not the continental. So, my question is, is there any way to access this without tearing out the entire dash? Also, is there anyway to temporarily switch the door to heat mode for the winter, then deal with this issue after christmas? Again, hopefully without tearing out the entire dash! Thanks in advance.
Thanks. Ended up taking the car to the garage down the street as the water pump started squealing horribly and throwing coolant on the serpentine belt. After roughly 800 dollars for the belt, water pump, idler pulley, thermostat, system flush and tensioner, the guy was nice enough to zip tie the blend door for winter for 30 bucks. Said in the spring I could just cut the zip tie, and the AC would be back. Not ideal, but after the big hit on the cooling system, didn't really want to tear into the inside.