1997 Town car/acts like ignition is in ACC position with key removed/radio stays on/electric windows work/clock light stays on


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After noticing the problem last night,I went out to check car this morning and battery was dead which did not surprise me. I also confirmed the electric windows work with the key out of the ignition. It seems the car thinks the ignition switch is in the ACC position although it is in the lock position.

So far I know this with everything happening at the same time:​
• steering system lock inoperative (key out ignition in lock position) but steering moves freely
• clock light on (key out vehicle unoccupied)
• when I open driver door with key out, chime sounds but stops with door closed
• radio on(key out vehicle unoccupied),I was able to manually turn the radio off
• electric windows work with the key out of the ignition
• battery dead overnight

I do not know for sure, but I suspect foul play as I live in a large apartment complex with little security. I have a club on the steering wheel even though. It seems either a saboteur or thief may be at the bottom of this. For the steering lock system to break and allow the steering wheel to move free with the ignition in the lock position seems like someone forced it. Anyway, I’d like to get the car back in commission as it is my go to car.

Would the broken steering lock system cause trouble with the ignition and if so how do I remedy it? Any ideas on the repair considering what I’ve wrote?



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I made some progress with my forscan obd2 device. I located the log file within my documents. The problem I’m having may likely be related to the LCM-lighting control module as it generated the following log: DTC B1352: IGNITION KEY-IN CIRCUIT FAILURE. My next step is to check the LIGHTING CONTROL MODULE FUNCTION which the Lincoln shop manual gives these steps:

• Enter Diagnostic Data Link.
• Select LCM—Lighting Control Module.
• Enter PID/DATA Monitor and Record.
• Make sure ignition key is in ignition switch.
• Select PID IGN_KEY—Ignition Key.

Does the PID read in? If yes, it says to replace the LCM—Lighting Control Module.

After performing the PID diagnosis with my bbfly vint-tt55502 obdII,I got the PID reading for the LCM. It read the lighting control module as (In), which from the Lincoln shop manual means replace the module. The LCM is not cheap ($150-$225).

I could really use a second opinion on this electrical issue, possible LCM on my 97 Lincoln Town Car.
Still I am new to using scanners, but I’m no moron, so I think I did it right.I need help to decide before throwing $150-$200 into the LCM replacement.Anybody know how accurate the test might be or have an opinion?

I look forward to hearing from you.


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i'm a bit confused. it seems like the troubleshooting guide says to check the key-in circuit with the key in. and if it says the key is actually in the lcm is bad? seems opposite to me. i would think if the key was in and it says it's in, that would be proper.
i'm suspect of the ignition switch being damaged. if the wheel isn't locking then i would guess the car still thinks it's in the acc position. i don't know if forscan has the ability to read the key switch position but that's where i'd start.

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I'm having the same problem, it started about 2 weeks ago. The battery was dead, I fully charged it, I noticed the key sensor chiming when I opened the door with the key removed, clock on, radio playing, etc. and the battery went dead 2 days later. I can't find anything on the internet to address it.