1997 TC Cartier Coolant Woes - Intake Manifold Replacement

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what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

Anna Juarez of San Lorenzo, California
With the economy in the condition that it is in at this time, my rebate money will be in the bank. I have a son who needs braces so I will be able to pay off some of that cost with the rebate check.

Victor Aragon of Tome, New Mexico
I plan to spend it. It will help me pay for a new flat-screen LCD TV. I don\'t know how much this will help boost our economy since Sony and Samsung are Japanese and Korean companies.

Gloria Estevez of Pembroke Pines, Florida
I\'m due to get $1,800 since I\'m married and have two kids. Bush wants me to spend it to get us out of this mess his administration got us into. Well, $1795 will go towards funding my IRA account. Now the other $5, I will purchase a bag of pretzels and ship them to Mr. Bush.

Meredith Mann of Lynchburg, Virginia
If the rebate actually comes through, the money will be used to pay bills. I was leery about submitting this comment as the money is intended to boost the economy, but reducing credit card debt is more important.

Pamela Grigsby of Nashville, Tennessee
I am going to save my refund and use it to purchase gasoline since that is the equivalent to what I have spent for gasoline since Bush has been in office.

Jayne Gilbertson of Moorhead, Minnesota
My plan for my family of five is to renew our passports so we can spend government money in a foreign country of our choosing. Iraq has already gotten way more than their share, so we\'ll pass up that country.

Deb Nye of New London, Wisconsin
My clothes dryer just died, so I need to purchase a new one. I also would like to enroll in tap dancing lessons and some fun exercise.

Stephanie Grosser of Arlington, Virginia
My husband thinks we will spend our refund on a 42-inch plasma TV. He is wrong.

Really, we will spend half of it paying off school loans and the other half for airline tickets to go to a friend\'s wedding in California this July. We would have gone anyway, but I like to think the refund will pay for this so that we won\'t have to.

L. LaBella of Orange Park, Florida
I will use it to pay down the credit cards I have had to use to pay for gas, food, clothes and school supplies for my kids. I would like to buy something I wouldn\'t otherwise be able to afford, but the increase in prices has forced me into great debt.

Katherine Story of River Falls, Wisconsin
I would use mine to help pay my rent and buy some groceries. I\'m a broke college student so this would be wonderful. (I) might also be able to go buy some more books for my library.

Gerard Guckin of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Unfortunately, I make \"too much money\" to get a check. Apparently, paying your taxes consistently for almost 28 years puts you lower on the rebate list than someone who doesn\'t even pay taxes.

What a shame that the hard-working middle class gets screwed again. Way to go Madam Speaker. You really helped me out. Thanks for nothing.

Sue Kline of Waynesboro, Pennsylvania
We plan on spending our rebate money on repairing our older car and truck, including new tires. Can\'t afford to buy newer vehicles so we\'ll fix up the old ones and keep them on the road as long as we can.

Alicia Stamp of Lansing, New York
A rebate check for our family will mean necessities for the kids (shoes, clothes, etc.), a couple of extra $ put toward our debts, and a paved driveway. I may even be able to begin some Christmas shopping!

Randy Donaldson of Phoenix, Arizona
I will put it in a savings account. Most people have forgotten that you will need to claim this rebate as income next year, which may raise the taxes you pay.

Adhis Boucha of Lehi, Utah
My husband and I are 33 years old, and we\'re saving the rebate for our retirement.

C. Daniel of Walla Walla, Washington
I seriously doubt myself or the people around me will actually see any \"rebate.\" I think this is a stunt and very few of us, if any at all, will reap the \"rewards.\" It\'s a joke.

Chip Bahn of Lewis Center, Ohio
With limited consumer debt and no home mortgage, we\'ll use the money to fund a portion of a family vacation in South Carolina.

Sherry Guerrant of Roanoke, Virginia
My husband and I will probably spend our rebate check paying bills. We have been affected by the mortgage crisis and are struggling to pay a mortgage with an 11 percent interest rate. We cannot refinance the house even though we have never once been late on the mortgage because 1) a developer is building new houses in our area that have had to be priced lower because they are not selling and it is bringing down the value of my house and 2) because we have sacrificed other bills to make sure the mortgage was paid on time our credit has suffered.

So sorry, we will not be using our check to stimulate the economy by buying TVs, video games or laptops


what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

Investing is still going to stimulate the economy, buckaroo.


what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

Can someone explain to me how this is supposed to stimulate the economy?

It\'s not like the gov\'t would\'ve just kept the money in a bunker, they would\'ve spent it too.


SeventyCutlass S

what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

i\'ll buy 150 of my company\'s stock :D


what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

Paying bills. Yea, stimulate THAT GWB, you money wasting prick.


what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

I\'m gonna buy me a gen-u-ine AR-15. Of course, $300 bucks is like a quarter of the cost of the thing, but hey, what\'re you gonna do?


what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

So I have yet to figure out if I am getting any money :dunno:. I only paid in 300$ last year.


what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

[quote name=\'V IS FOR VODKA\']So I have yet to figure out if I am getting any money :dunno:. I only paid in 300$ last year.[/QUOTE]

Well, you\'ll probably get it all back. I paid like 6600 in federal tax last year. I am a sad panda.


what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

Yeah, but what about the supposed 600$ check?


what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

[quote name=\'Geordi 90LSC\']Paying bills. Yea, stimulate THAT GWB, you money wasting prick.[/QUOTE]

If you are like 90% of Americans, you\'ll pay bills with that $600, and then spend the $600 that it frees up. In essence, its the same thing.

stealth 87

what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

Pay off my one open credit card to get that out of the way, and save the money I would be paying on the card so that I can just use it towards repaying this next year


what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

People who do not make enough to pay taxes but had at least $3,000 in earned income would get $300. Those earning less than that would be disqualified, as would the wealthiest. Older people living solely off Social Security checks would not get the rebate.

Individuals with adjusted gross incomes of more than $75,000 and couples with income exceeding $150,000 would get smaller checks. Contributions to individual retirement accounts, 401(k) retirement accounts and health savings accounts would not count toward the limits.

About three-quarters of those eligible for the checks are working people. About one-quarter would qualify solely through pension or interest income, such as retirees or people who are unemployed. Eligible people would get at least $300.

For middle-class people, the rebates are fairly straightforward. Most individuals would get a $600 rebate, couples would get $1,200, and those amounts would rise with the size of their families. High- and low-income people, however, would get only a partial benefit.

People with income less than $75,000 would get a rebate equal to the taxes they paid in 2007, up to $600. Couples with income less than $150,000 could get up to $1,200. Those who earned more than $3,000 but owed little or no taxes would get a flat $300, or $600 per couple.

So a low-income family of four — with $35,000 in income and virtually no tax liability — would get $1,200. That includes the flat $600 per couple and $300 for each child.

A single person earning minimum wage would receive the lower rebate, $300.

A single parent of two with income of $38,000 and a tax bill of $433 would get $1,033 — a $433 tax rebate plus $300 per child.

To focus the payments on middle-class people, the plan includes rules that reduce the rebates for those with higher incomes. For each dollar over the limits, the payment goes down by 5 percent.

That means that while a family of four with income of $95,000 would get $1,800 — $1,200 for the couple and $300 for each child — a family of four with income of $160,000 would get less, and the same family making $200,000 would get nothing.

Income of $160,000 would put a family $10,000 above the income threshold, reducing the benefit by $500 for a rebate of $1,300. The wealthier family, which falls $50,000 above the threshold, would see its rebate vanish under the formula.

Similarly, a single person with no children who had $16,000 in income would get $600, while the same person making $85,000 — $10,000 above the limit — would get just $100.

People would not have to work to receive a rebate. A retired couple owing $4,000 in taxes would get the full $1,200; if they owed no taxes, they would receive only half that. If the couple earned less than $3,000, however, they would be ineligible. That includes 20 million older people whose only income is their Social Security checks.

The plan would allow people who do not qualify for a rebate this year to get one in the spring of 2009 if they become eligible based on their income level or tax liability in 2008. That has been a standard feature of past rebates, although it does nothing to stimulate the economy.

Some 40 million people who file their tax returns online could start getting payments by direct deposit in May. Congressional tax analysts say the government can send out up to 9 million paper checks a week. The IRS will have to reprogram its computers to calculate who gets the rebate and how much they will receive.



what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

I\'ll just put mine in savings for now. But, I do whittle savings down over time. My camper needs a new furnace and I need a new sat dish. I think I may get one with Tivo. Otherwise I\'ve decided to not buy anything for awhile.

(Everything you buy new is alway built crappier and worse then what you had before anyway. Better of to keep what you got for as long as you can.)


what others are saying about this tax "rebate"

Make sure that you don\'t forget to include it in next years taxes so you can pay the tax on the rebate.
Your will find detailed instructions online to replace the intake manifold. I did mine last year, took me about 4 hours in my garage. Mine was seaping in area at front like they do. I found a replacement on ebay with free shipping for about 90 bucks. It is not to hard to change it out if you are mechanically inclined, otherwise I would order the part and find someone to do it for you. This is the first time I have replaced an intake manifold in many years and was surprised at the new gasket seal area. The gaskets came already on the new manifold, they are o
O-ring seals in grooves. All you have to do is wipe off he surface where it sits and do some light scraping to clean it. Easy to do.


Senior Member
Ottawa Ontario Canada
It depends on the year of your Town Car. That manifold has the aluminum crossover which is the upgraded manifold design, but it has the coolant sensor in the passenger side of the crossover which was the design for 1997 and earlier. The 1998 and later models did not have that coolant sensor threaded opening because they use a cylinder head temperature (CHT) sensor for the PCM and instrument temperature gauge information. The later models went to a slightly upgraded intake which was performance enhanced/improved, but I am unsure of the year for that.

The manifold is not a Ford unit and does not look like high quality either. You can see the insert where the COPS will attach is a plain bright fitting probably for those self tapping screws. That is a Dorman type design (but they just screw into the plastic) rather than the Ford threaded insert. The self tapping screws will fail in due course.

Good luck.


San José, CA
Just had an impromptu manifold change myself. Not exactly planned, even though I had the manifold and was going to take care of it in the near future anyway.

Had a bit of crust where coolant had dried in the corner, but hardly an issue to force me to do it now. However, I decided to change the thermostat after I did the water pump and while still had only water in the system. BIG MISTAKE as it turns out!
Not sure if it was the extra 2 ft lbs of torque I put on the bolts (20 instead of the 18 specified), or it was just it's time, but water was practically shooting out of big cracks in the plastic after that. Bummer.

Being relatively unplanned though, I had to resort to having someone else do the work for me. Hate that, but it had to be done.
So be careful when you decide to take an extra fifteen minutes out of your day to change the thermostat!

By the way, I don't remember seeing mention of it in this thread, but the alternator bracket did not fit the new manifold. Going to re-read just in case, but will probably end up re-drilling or going to the junkyard to see if there is a shorter version out there.