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1996 Town Car Signature w/Touring Package


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I purchased my 1996 Town Car Signature with Touring Option new in 1996. It was champagne (light metallic brown) with saddle interior. This was my everyday car driving from Kinnelon, NJ into NYC. I wanted the Touring Option as the car rode and handled better than a TC without that equipment. Our children learned how to drive using this car. They most likely warped the rotors which I replaced. But maybe the rotors were due for replacement anyway. They had to assist me working on that project so they learned how to fix car things!

I purchased four mounted Blizzack snow/ice tires for winter use–on the same style of wheels my car came with. It had better traction than 4X4 trucks/SUVs with factory tires.. The moonroof was great but the switch kept failing. I found just the switch button was available and purchased several of these—I did need them. Engine oil was changed every 5,000 miles. Transmission fluid every 30,000 miles. Anti-freeze flushed every three years. Brake fluid flushed every two years--all DIY projects.

I installed an auxiliary transmission filter as it’s my practice for any vehicle I own. For engine oil, I used Mobil 1 10/30 with no oil burning up to the day I sold it. When I replaced the rear shocks, I purchased a long box end wrench from Sears. These shocks are a PIA to R&R. In 2002 the plastic intake manifold failed. FoMoCo paid for the replacement. The small parking brake shoes failed in late 2002. The shop manual said to remove the rear axles–NO–I was able to install new shoes with the axles in place. In 2004, the left rear brake line failed. I replaced all four as the NJ/NY road salt rotted them out. This car was relocated to AZ when we moved in 2005. In late 2006 I was thinking of front end work. I found all the front end bolts were welded in place due to rust caused by road salt. Things were still tight with no issues with the odometer reading over 125,000 miles. Also in 2006, the rear air springs leaked, the A/C Condenser was hit by a rock and I replaced it, then the A/C blend door motor failed which I replaced. Since I knew I would sell this car within a year or so, I was mindful of the “bottom line” when selling. Therefore I installed steel coil springs which worked out very good..

This was a great Town Car! It never broke down but all cars experience a failure or two. I did the maintenance/repairs because I had the tools and ability. I sold this car in mid 2008 with 138,000 miles on the odometer, no oil usage, no body or frame rot but front end bolts were rotted.


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I purchased my 1996 Town Car Signature with Touring Option new in 1996...
I recently purchased a '96 Town Car which to my understanding has the Touring Package. How can it be confirmed?

Edit: I know it has the DWAAC Handling Supension & it appears to have the following -

$1,825 MSRP Includes:
Power Moonroof
Automatic Day/Night Mirrors
Radio: JBL Audio System
Traction Assist
Ride Control Package:
Tires: P225/60R16 WSW (4)
Auxiliary Power Steering Oil Cooler
Shock Absorbers
Front Stabilizer Bar

I don't know if DWAAC is or is part of the Touring Package RPO... which would still leave the question of what's the RPO?


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Ottawa Ontario Canada
I think the Touring package on the 1996 thru 2002 Town Cars consists of the following:

Factory 16" wheels (also on top of the line models), stiffer springs shocks and bushings (especially the top control arms which use different sized bushings), larger front/rear sway bars, dual exhaust (also on top of the line models), 3.27 rear gears and a power steering cooler. For 1998 thru 2002 the tires were widened to 235 mm and the engine upgraded to 239 hp.

So to identify your car as a Touring Model the power steering cooler and the 3.27 rear axle ratio (see tag on differential cover) would be the easiest identifiers. The rear axle tag if present will look like this:

Good luck.



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Hi as no one can confirm what your 1996 currently has on it. Let's face it, it's 21 going on 22 years old, how many owners? What maintenance was completed as per factory spec? Were the springs, shocks and any bushings replaced with the correct ones? Where was this vehicle used? Most likely you can't answer those questions. Your vehicle left the factory with all the correct parts for the Touring option. But due to age, mileage and different owners the Touring suspension may not be there today. I know when I replaced many parts on mine, I had to have the parts shop order the correct parts. They usually stock your standard parts. I'm sure you noted that owners generally ask what is the lowest cost way to repair my car? I am not knocking your car, just placing facts that take place with wear and tear.