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Lincoln Forum: 2006 Lincoln Town Car
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    grandnasty Guest

    Yet another question

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    I have been reading all of the stuff you all where saying.Do you think i should stay air speed density or convert to a carb.If i stayed air speed density what mods could i do to my car.

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    Yet another question


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    Disney Lincoln Guest

    Yet another question



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    grandnasty Guest

    Yet another question

    sorry guys i was just wanting some opinion\'s

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    stockhatch Guest

    Yet another question

    IMO, you should keep EFI, but convert it to Mass Air. Converting to carb is a good option for a race car, but for a mild street driven application I would not do it. Youll have to figure out what can be hacked out of the harness while keeping everything working, and it will be an electrical mess. All the EFI stuff is already there, why not use it?

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    Mar 2006
    West Springfield, MA

    Yet another question

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    Fuel injection will do such a better job in so many respects. The only things I would have with a carb was if it was period correct or if I didn\'t want to convert it to fuel injection. Better gas mileage, more power, more driveability, possibly easier to trouble shoot or adjust. Just plug in a computer and change the mapping or download trouble codes. If carbs were better, you\'d be able to buy a 2007 Mustang with a big 4 barrel and you\'d see them on an F1 car lapping Monacco with them.


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