18 yr old son just purchased 81 2 door Town car

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Hi Guys, i just purchased this car for my son for christmas and he loves it, excuse my lack of knowledge but im after the air inlet pipe that goes from the front of the car onto the air filter, the one he has got on has been repaired with duck tap, looks like we will be into some parts needed, any ideas on best place to purchase 81 parts, the car has the electronic display and is all original with 82.000 klms, with 1 owner that i knew so dont mind spending some money on her. thanks for your help, im in Canada and dont mind purchasing from the states
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Hi Everyone, im now looking for spoke wheel center hub caps Nos E1LC-1A097-BC, ive seen 2 on ebay but they are $110 usd Each, theres no way the boy can go to that, anyone selling some for less please contact me, thank you
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he will do, he loves the shape , we want to keep it all original so he will just have to save up for them, did the spoke wheels come as standard for the 81 coupe? i will post pictures soon
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