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Lincoln Forum: 1977 Continental Town Car Roof Repair
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    1977 Continental Town Car Roof Repair

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    I have an opportunity to purchase a 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car for next to nothing. The one thing that I'm questionable about is the roof. The vinyl top is mostly gone, so the metal underneath is rusted through in several spots. My question is, how difficult is it and how costly is it to have this type of damage repaired? I've never had something like this done, nor have I done it before. It is mostly rusted through just below the rear window before it meets the trunk and on a few spots on top. I can provide pictures if needed.

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    As far as the cost to repair it, a body shop would have to quote that to you. To repair it right, the rusted area would have to be cut out & new metal welded in. The headliner, rear window & trim will need to be removed.

    To repair it "wrong", or cheaper, you could grind out the rusted area down to bare metal, and fiberglass over the holes. You would probably only need to remove the trim around the window.

    If you do decide to buy it, let's see some photos! Here's mine...


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