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Lincoln Forum: Anyone out there have experience with 60-69 crank mounted P/S pumps?
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    Anyone out there have experience with 60-69 crank mounted P/S pumps?

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    I'm working on a friends car. Its a 1969 mark III. Just had the engine and trans replaced(supposedly rebuilt). He had it hauled to my house to have all the brake lines replaced. After it arrives, I check to see if it runs as well as shop owner claimed. It hesitated, but did start. Wasn't running very smooth, but was running, as i got out to check the engine, i notice the power steering was inoperable. i shut down the engine check the level, reservoir was very low. I pour in a quart, seconds later its dipping on the ground. I made sure it was full, quickly started the engine and.....nothing. Power steering is showing no life what so ever. Also while it was running i believe I saw some slight wobble in the crankshaft. My friend says to order a rebuilt pump, but im concerned that the crank went tear up the new pump. Should i be worried? Also noticed this P/S system has some odd plumbing for it at the firewall. Not sure what it does. Car is a basket case, but right now this PS issue is my mine concern. Oh yeah, even though it dips on to the ground, its not dripping very much. Is it possible for it to leak into the crankcase? I have very little experience with 60s era ford products.

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    I'm not familiar with the MK III yet, so I can't offer much help. If nobody pops in here to help you out, try posting your questions here;

    That forum deals with the older Lincolns.


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