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Lincoln Forum: 2017 MKX Price paid
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    2017 MKX Price paid

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    Hello Lincolners

    I am looking(or hoping) to buy a 2017 Lincoln MKX Reserve AWD with all the Bells and Whistles except the 22-way seat(That includes the Technology Package, Climate Package and Driver Assistance Package with the Revel Audio system) in Black Velvet. I live in Minneapolis and Truecar quotes me an average paid price of $49,226

    But when I change the zipcode on Truecar to just outside of Chicago in Illinois, the average paid price drops to $47,526.

    Is there a scope to negotiate to below $47,xxx K? I can easily wait till December to buy this since I've heard everywhere that year end may be the best time to negotiate and get the best deal.

    What is the price you paid for your MKX?

    Any negotiating tips and advice is appreciated.

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    I can't speak to specific prices, but the biggest sales are usually around Memorial Day and Labor Day. Yes, dealers will be wanting to clear stock in December, but remember your options will be limited and you won't be saving much vs the two holidays I mentioned.
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    What am I missing? A loaded 2.7L reserve (without the 22 way seats) comes in around $55K, and I didn't upgrade wheels, rear head rest monitors, or add mats etc.

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    I have a Black Velvet MKX with every option except the 2.7L and the Chrome roof rails, My price was $60,000

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