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Lincoln Forum: Aftermarket Wheels for Continental
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    Aftermarket Wheels for Continental

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    Thought I'd post this Q here as well...
    Has anybody checked the measurements of the Conti for aftermarket wheel solutions (offset, caliper/wheel well clearance etc)?

    I'm looking at a particular set of forged wheels that IMO would look quite at home & classy (not garish, nor bling) on the new Continental. They offer a size for the '15-17 Mustang, which probably has the same lug sizes; but the other issues I don't assume would be identical, and probably would not be. And as of yet,they offer none specifically sized for the new Continental. Of course I'm also looking to see what tire widths can be accommodated without rubbing/interference.

    So anybody out there do these measurements yet? IMO, there are probably too few of these cars on the road to have been done yet, but thought i'd ask. Thanks!

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    As I noted in another forum:

    The 2017 Continental wheel spec is: size 19x8.5; bolt pattern 5x108; offset 52.5, hub bore 63.4 according to my dealer.

    Fast Wheels have the Switch F212-1980-31TN-40C633 which is considered a direct fit, but I think the offset is 40 (will be further to outside of fender) and the size is 19x8 and comes in titanium finish. There are other sizes available. I will likely get these wheels for my winter tires 235/50R19 Toyo Observe GSI-5. You can compare wheel and tire sizes to stock (or anything else) using this comparator: that will tell you everything you want to know about wheel and tire fit.

    My dealer looked up the wheel and says the offset is 55 mm and confirmed the above part number. Lincoln will offer a winter package but with 18" wheels at a bit more money. I would prefer the 19" wheels.

    Good luck

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    Town...I saw that over there and I thank you!!


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