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Lincoln Forum: Dash lights on speedometer/tach won't shut off.
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    Apr 2017

    Dash lights on speedometer/tach won't shut off.

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    Here's the deal , checked fuses, pulled headlight switch, took it apart and didn't see anything unusual, cleaned the contacts, cleaned the dimmer and the auto on/off switches and reconnected, still staying on,. Disconnected lamp relay on RHS of steering column, still on. Disconnected enhanced illumination module in trunk, still on. Unplugged the headlight/dimmer/timer switches again just to see if it would finally go off while I had the modules unplugged and to no avail, it's still on! Finally pulled the #8 fuse and called it a day. With all of those components disconnected before I pulled the fuse, how can the dash light still be on? Unless I'm missing something.... I know there is a 25 to 30 second delay when you shut the door but I noticed it was on the next morning before I even touched the door handle. Somebody help me before I dismantle the whole car tomorrow.


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