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Lincoln Forum: Has Anyone Had Trouble With The Electrochromatic Mirrors?
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    FuzzelFox is offline Junior Member My Lincoln(s): 2007 Lincoln MKZ, 1995 Town Car Signature
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    Has Anyone Had Trouble With The Electrochromatic Mirrors?

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    I've noticed they seem to turn off and on at random. I played around with a flashlight the other night and if I shine the light on it, it will dim quickly so that the light isn't blinding but then will go back to "day time" mode shortly after. Take away the light and it will dim a little bit. Shine the light on it and again it dims super dark but then goes back to not dimmed at all as if it thinks it's day time.

    I've tried cleaning the windshield around it in case it's reflecting the light back and cleaned the windshield on the outside where the little box is stuck to the window. I'll be able to see after work tonight if that does anything at all.

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    Town is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 2017 Lincoln Continental Reserve 2.7 AWD; 2007 Lincoln Town Car Signature Limited (sold)
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    The box on the windshield includes the module for the dimming mirrors (inside rear view mirror and driver side outside mirror) that also brightens the mirrors when reverse is selected. I think the sensors that detect the need to dim the mirrors are in the lower part of the inside rear view mirror (on my car they are 2 translucent rectangles placed a few inches apart). The sensors point toward the rear window and pickup excess brightness from following cars with high beam on or mal-adjusted headlamps.

    Good luck.


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