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Lincoln Forum: Maxim Article on the Continental
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pasadena Lady View Post
    I stop at the Buick dealer just to get a Cafe Mocha. I always sit with the sales manager and GM in the office. It is the sales manager who calls the Conti a 300, just to tease . The GM again tried to lease me a Buick Envoy , he said he would give me $20,000 for my Conti. Ha, Ha.
    Another salesman saw my Conti which I park in front of the showroom and noticed the badges . He thought the badges were part of the package. He liked the idea!
    There is nothing wrong with a Buick but just not for me. The sales manager mentioned that Buick is trying to do more with SUVs than cars.
    Yes, Buick is certainly concentrating more on Crossover SUVs than cars these days. That little Encore is a big seller for them. The Enclave is due for an update and that Envision is pretty nice as well... In any event, everyone at that dealership loves your Continental. They wish Buick had a car like that!

    Quote Originally Posted by Town View Post
    Regarding the lack of model specific name on the new Continental, I thought Lincoln wanted people to identify their car as a Lincoln rather than "I have a Continental". That came up in discussions as the reason why Lincoln named their vehicles as MKX, MKZ, MKC and other ridiculous and meaningless identities. I now hear that Lincoln is doing an about face, so the new Continental will be joined by the Zephyr to replace the MKZ (I believe) identity. Others may also change.
    Interesting about the names. Zephyr coming back - again? heh. This is like the third time now. It's a nice looking car, anyway - and a great bargain... The only three letter acronym I ever liked was LSC...
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    OK, that the name Zephyr may come back is a standard joke around these parts. The Pennsylvania Dutch have quite an accent and have called this car a Zeffaah. They pronounce it like the word for a small calf with a "z" sound in the beginning. Several years ago I was in a Lincoln showroom when I overheard 2 salesmen discussing the car's name with quite a laugh. Was it a Zephyr or a heffer? One of the reasons I chose the MKS was because I did not want a Zeffaah


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