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Thread: 2015 navigator

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    MemaKathy is offline Junior Member My Lincoln(s): 2015 Navigator
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    2015 navigator

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    New owner of a 2015 Lincoln Navigator. Just trying to touch bases with other owners. Any issues, problem area, etc. I bought it new with only 508 miles. Just returned from a 2000 mile trip. Only issue I have is the predictive text when I'm trying to find a POI on the Nav system. Very different from my Garmin. Seems to use predictive text so it won't allow me to type in a name.

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    Howdy and welcome! Those predictive text are usually annoying, there should be a way to turn it off.

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    I find it easier to use the voice commands and tell it the address I want. Make sure you download the latest sync software update from Lincoln as well

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    I just got a 15 this week. Picked it up with only 15k on it. So far I am loving it, but here's a few thoughts, in no particular order.

    1) The carpet in the cargo area seems to be on the cheap side. It "fray" or "unravels" easily. Not a very tight weave. I saw this in most of the Navs I looked at, between 15k and 30k. So, if you want to preserve that, be careful. I don't personally put a lot of worry into it. Cargo space is cargo space.

    2) For being THX certified, the sound in my Nav is pretty terrible. Honestly, the only thing that sounds good is the THX deep tone on the audio adjustment menu. Everything else seems flat, and not bright. Bass levels are okay. Mid range seems muddled. Highs are not quite bright enough. Only having a three band eq on a THX certified system is ridiculous. Has anyone had better luck switching these speakers out? Is it the head unit itself?

    3) On my gently used '15, there are two AC vents/louvers that don't turn with the wheel. I will need to get these in for repair. They were not a deal breaker for me as I can easily reach in an redirect, but they may be fragile, so again, play nicely if that's your thing.

    4) I haven't used the predictive text like you, but I haven't had great success with the voice activation. Perhaps there's a learning curve on the correct prompts that I'm ignoring.

    5) When lowering my rear seats into cargo mode, should the head rests go down automatically? Or do I have to reach around and pull the tab to do this? Hardly "pushbutton" when it's multi-step.

    6) after only 16 months on the road and 15k miles, the projector lens on my driver side mirror appear to be cracking and corrupted. The passenger side projection is crystal clear and beautiful. But, the driver's side looks a little, um, special...

    I am being really hyper critical honestly. I have yet to find much I dislike about this car. That said, I am still getting used to it. The blindspot monitoring is throwing me off bit, because it's really just ALWAYS on in the city. The cross traffic has never warned me of anything other than my kids bikes on the garage floor.

    I love the remote start. Probably using it too much and wasting gas. Perhaps the novelty will wear off.

    As for downloading new sync software as referenced above, what is the current version, because when I go to the sync website it tells me I'm up to date, but says my last update was Nov. 2014, when was the manufacture date. Says my current version is 3.7, but I've read several places there was a v3.8.


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