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Lincoln Forum: 2013 MKT Positive Battery Terminal Circuit Breaker Assembly DA8Z 14526 A corrosion
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    2013 MKT Positive Battery Terminal Circuit Breaker Assembly DA8Z 14526 A corrosion

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    I do the routine oil changes on our MKT to avoid the 60 mile round trips to the dealer. Car currently has just short of 48,000 miles on it.

    When I started to replace the four-year old factory battery this week I found one hidden thing which needs to be checked when you do your own routine servicing.

    Look under the cover of the positive battery terminal Circuit Breaker Assembly every time you service the car. I found the following when I opened mine to loosen the hold down bolt.

    Guess I'll have to describe what I found, don't seem to have ability as a new member to insert a picture.

    The area inside the cover was completely filled with white corrosion crystals. Not visible at all with the cover closed. Also found blue crystals under the unit after I got it off by merely LIFTING it up! Seems that the clamp ring had completely corroded through and was just waiting for the car to hit a hard bump, pop loose, and leave us stalled wherever.

    I was able to get a replacement unit at our local Ford dealer because this is a widely used assembly on later model Ford Motor Company products.

    I asked the service manager at Lincoln about this when they were checking my fuel pump module under a recall notice I received. He told me that the mechanics have this item on their list to check during routine service. The have a spray on battery corrosion inhibitor which needs to be applied regularly to prevent corrosion built up on, and failure of, the assembly. Most parts stores have spray on corrosion neutralizer and spray on corrosion inhibitor. My unit now has that spray on product on every metal surface on the assembly and will be checked diligently when I change oil in the future! Assembly is almost $50. Not your father's positive battery cable connector by a long shot.

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    Good thing they've addressed the issue. How often does it need to spray?

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