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Lincoln Forum: 2013 MKT Starts but shows No Key Detected frequently after starting
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    2013 MKT Starts but shows No Key Detected frequently after starting

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    Had this problem intermittently over the last two months, even after replacing the battery in each key fob.

    Car is approaching 48 months old. Decided to replace the factory battery before taking car in to have the fuel pump module recall check performed this week.

    Changed the battery and now the problem is gone. My old battery tested weak with my battery tester even though the engine never had any hesitation in starting when the start button was pushed. Talked with my service manager about this while waiting for the module to be checked, and replaced in our case. Seems that when you start a car with a weak battery, the starting function will continue to work until battery gets too weak but the starter motor puts enough drain on the battery to pull the system voltage down enough to cause the Key Detection system to decide that the Key is missing even though you just used it to start the car normally!

    For those who do routine service themselves, I'm going to make a separate post regarding what I found with the positive battery terminal circuit breaker assembly, part DA8Z 14526 A, when I opened the cover to remove the connection while changing the battery.

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    One of my key fob did that. battery change just fixed it.

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    Very interesting. I've noticed that my 2017 Taurus will do this periodically, and it only shows "no key detected" for maybe 1-3 seconds. I will check the battery voltage, and see what it shows!

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