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Lincoln Forum: 2009 Navigator keyless entry code
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    2009 Navigator keyless entry code

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    I bought an 09 Navigator. Where can I find the 5 digit code for the keyless entry, without taking it to the dealership?

    I googled, searched, journeyed beyond.... still no luck! So many suggested places!

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    You'll need an answer from someone who owns a 2009 Navigator, who found their code, otherwise you'll get guesses. When the DDM failed in my 2007 TC Designer, I was given all sorts of bad information. But I knew that in 2007 the key code was no longer visible on the DDM or anywhere in the vehicle. Maybe this was an across the board change for Lincoln/Ford? If it was, your DDM must be scanned for the code.

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    I'm looking at a 2009 Navi. Hope you figured it out and appreciate if you share any tips here.

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    I have one, lol. On the passenger side footwell, if you take off the paneling, its on the fuse box. Thats how i found mine, it doesnt take long but its hard to see.

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