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Lincoln Forum: Would you buy this car again?
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    Would you buy this car again?

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    Hi! I'm looking at buying a '13 MKZ with 26k miles. Downsizing from an Expedition Limited. Reviews seem mostly good. I'm just wondering from actual owners, if you would recommend this vehicle, buy it again, and if there are any known issues?

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    SteveB_TX is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 2013 MKZ Hybrid
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    I love my 2013 Z hybrid. I have 31000 miles on it and it still looks and smells like new. To be honest, these cars, as well as the Fusions, had their teething pains. First year vehicles are usually not on my get list, but we bought one of each of these when they came out for 2013. All but one of the recalls has been done on both our cars. We are still waiting on the seat belt parts to get sent to dealers for repairs. I would recommend it for sure. Just make sure it has the recalls finished, or take it to the dealership and get them done as soon as you can if it hasn't had them completed. Good luck.


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