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Lincoln Forum: THX Sub Problem
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Thread: THX Sub Problem

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    FuzzelFox is offline Junior Member My Lincoln(s): 2007 Lincoln MKZ, 1995 Town Car Signature
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    Question THX Sub Problem

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    Simple and short: Previous owner blew the bigger of the two THX subwoofers in the rear deck. The cone is just separated from the surround so I want to take it out and just attempt to glue it for now but I can't seem to get the damn thing out of the car! I can take the bolt-screws out but it just doesn't move, there's no give at all. I tried pinching and pushing the little plastic sheetrock screw type things that the screws go into but it just doesn't budge.

    I can't find instructions or a video that seems to have this issue, most cars you apparently just take the four bolts off and the whole thing just lifts out with ease.


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