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Lincoln Forum: wav format music support in MKT with THX system
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    wav format music support in MKT with THX system

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    Hi, My 2014 MKT has the THX sound system which does sound pretty good with the 5.1 channel system with 14 speakers. When I tried to use flash driv with wav format music (DTS cd or DVD to wav), which is lossless format with 5.1 channel, I can't get any music from the speaker, just blank noise. Does anybody knows which kind of wav file that the SYNC2 system support? I googled and only found information that MP3, AAC, WMA and WAV are supported with flashdrive. I am wondering whether the wav files have to be stero or 5.1 channel format? How to play 5.1 channel music with flashdrive. I don't want to put too many CD/DVD in the car.


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