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Lincoln Forum: Some suspension job, 2004 Town Car
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    Some suspension job, 2004 Town Car

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    Hi everyone,
    I am about to start the complete suspension repair of my old good Town Car (it is an '04). The drive became quite rough and I understand that it's no wonder, as I replaced shocks only once since 2004. So, will have to grab a set of new ones, so wanted to ask you folks to recommend which ones to pick. I've seen good reviews on Bilsteins, so what will you say?
    Also there appeared a sort of whinning, so I believe I will have to maintain the differential as well and perhaps replace the bearing that is making this sound.
    The rest I guess will go smooth, yet cannot make a decision on the shocks brand...

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    Okay folks, decided to grab seal, differential grease and a new bearing ( For now, the decision on shocks is still pending, and I will check the reviews on the reviews of brands that make shocks for my Linc, and I guess then will determine which ones to grab.

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    KYB shocks provide excellent handling and performance. Had the fronts replaced with them on a 2004 Mercury Marquis and definitely noticed the difference in handling, steering.


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