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Lincoln Forum: Ac blower weak?
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Thread: Ac blower weak?

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    Ac blower weak?

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    Hey everyone. New TC owner. Bought this 97 town car cartier with 150k for 500 dollars. Had the AC repaired some time ago, only required new seals! Anyway today, I was working on programming the homelink when I felt like the ac wasn't blowing enough. So i pressed on the steering wheel to lower the temp and it didn't work. The hvac unit buttons worked however. So I got it colder and put on Max AC. Prior to working on the homelink stuff, the steering wheel hvac controls worked. And now it feels like the AC isn't blowing hard enough. Could these two be related in some weird circuit? The Ac was freezing and it was very loud like the car was pushing Ac out the vents. Not sure!


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