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Lincoln Forum: Heated Seats not turning on, paddle shifters, speedometer, ambient lighting gremlins
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    Doug Mallett is offline Junior Member My Lincoln(s): 16 MKX 2.7
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    Heated Seats not turning on, paddle shifters, speedometer, ambient lighting gremlins

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    hi, maybe somebody can clarify this for me please? I have a 16 MKX Reserve with all the toys in it and Sync3. I have several questions regarding the operation - i've been through the manual and website extensively, but unfortunately the information is so generic and often incorrect that i'm not sure if what i'm looking at is even remotely applicable to my car.

    a) When i remote start the heated steering wheel and seat turn on as set. However, when i start the car manually neither the wheel or the seat turn on heat or ventilation.
    b) When in sport mode if i override the transmission with the paddle shifters it stays in the selected gear as it should. However, to return it to automatic shifting i have to reach out to the dash and select either Drive or Sport from the transmission buttons. every other vehicle i've driven returns to automatic shifting by holding the up-shift paddle for 5 seconds.

    * I have an MKC in my driveway as a loaner and it turns on the heated seat for me when i start the car. this is the same as my friends F150. also, in the MKC when i hold the upshift paddle (right hand side) for 5 seconds in sport mode it returns the vehicle to automatic shifting but stays in sport mode so i don't have to take my hand off the wheel. It seems odd to me that i have the only vehicle in the lineup from Ford that doesn't set the seats to Last Setting when the vehicle is started, but i can't find this control to toggle on or off in the settings. The dealership things i'm on drugs asking this.

    c) The Ambient Lighting can be set for color, but not intensity. it doesn't change with the other dashboard intensities for the display or instrument cluster. The Lincoln Owner website shows that it should be able to dim for my vehicle but the video they use shows a different looking display. i can't imagine that this ability was lost going from Sync to Sync3?

    d) The set speed and the cruise control are different by 3km/hr right across the spectrum. at 30km set speed the indicated speed will be 27. at 130km set the indicated speed will be 127. Lincoln simply says there is a tolerance that the vehicle is allowed so too bad. it seems to me that the signals are coming from the same sensors so should be able to be calibrated to match. The vehicle matches the set speed exactly according to GPS and there is virtually no variance. The dealership also blamed winter tires, but the tires are the exact same size as the OEM 18" package, and this behavior was identical with the 21" ford package delivered on the vehicle. This is only annoying in that the two readouts are exactly next to each other so I notice the difference similar to a poorly trimmed moustach.......

    I'm hoping there are some internal settings that may be used - there was a sub menu item that kept resetting every time i started the car (speed volume adjustment) and Lincoln was able to reset that part for me. The Apps setting still needs to be turned back on each time i start the car, and Spotify needs to be manually started from my phone which seems counter intuitive also.

    any insight anybody can provide would be much appreciated.


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