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Lincoln Forum: Heater vent knob / issue
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    Heater vent knob / issue

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    Hi guys--I'm looking for some help.

    Anyone have any issue with one of the knobs that control the front heating break or lose it's grip and stop working? (Attached picture - dash.jpg) I looked at mine and I think I can fix it. However, it involves removing some of the outer shells of my dash. (at least that is what I found what a replacement one looks like--replacement.jpg)

    The biggest question is the airbag cover. Do you know if by removing the cover the airbag could deploy? (Attached picture - Airbag.jpg) I'm not sure if it's a cover or not. Looking at the whole replacement unit, there are some screws I for sure have to remove behind the airbag cover.

    I also attached what all of the parts look like. (wholeconsole.jpg)

    Sorry if this is confusing...I'm basically just asking if anyone has had to replace these vents and if removing the passenger airbag cover could trip the airbag?

    Thanks again

    Airbag Cover


    Replacement Part

    Whole Console


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