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Lincoln Forum: Moldy smell inside 2015 MKZ
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    Moldy smell inside 2015 MKZ

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    I know I have seen threads about the 2013-14 MKZ having a moldy smell from the a/c. Here is my problem, the smell is not coming from the a/c the car just smells moldy when you open the doors. I have had the car a little over a year now and it just started a few months ago. Nothing has been spilled in the car. The dealer has had the car twice, the first time they did an ozone clean and the second time they said they used vinegar. Believe it or not the vinegar worked better than the ozone treatment. Any idea where this odor can be coming from? If you stay in the car for more than 10 minutes people can smell it on your clothing. I have an appt with the dealer again on Monday for them to try again. Also I had a double lung transplant so what ever is growing or multiplying inside this car is a hazard to my health.



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    ktklein72 is offline Junior Member My Lincoln(s): 2014 MKZ Hybrid
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    I have the 2014 MKZ Hybrid and I have intermittently had the same issue. While I have not brought it to the attention of the dealer, my thought was that the cabin air filter needed replacement since it was recommended to be done annually. To date I have the original one still installed. When it goes in next for service I am going to ask to have that replaced and if it works will post back my results.


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