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Lincoln Forum: Oxygen sensors
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Thread: Oxygen sensors

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    Oxygen sensors

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    During a trip I hit a pot hole and it was a good smack. So hard that I bent the oil return line. Needless to say the engine seized on me. Well, I had a place that replaced the engine. Problem is, I have an 07 MKX with the 4 wire O2 sensors and they replaced the engine with an 11 that has 6 wire O2 sensors. I have been trying to get the CE light off and I'm actually glad to know that the engine is ok and it's just wiring. So my question. What's the better way to get this fixed? Go with the rewire($1500.00) with what's there or get the whole thing completely gutted and redone($2400.00)?

    I know there's not a lot of details, but I'm just wanting opinions and not smart aleck responses


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