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Lincoln Forum: Took delivery today!!
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    Bumping for piccies as well. I actually seen one in person with nice new Mickey Thompson tires which gives a new look. The owner said cruise control is awesome on this new machine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HLincoln View Post
    Regarding differences to the 2011 TC, obviously the TC has a great ride, but the new Continental feels more responsive yet smooth, possible due the lower profile tires. The seats are much better, the headrests on the continental are much better too, thinner and not as bulky and easy to see around.

    The car is noticeably shorter in the garage, however the interior room especially back seat has more room, I think at least 3" more rear passenger room. The trunk won't hold my golf clubs side to side like the TC but it has plenty or room flat and deep to slide them in. The fit and trim is excellent, attention to detailed everywhere.

    This is a 200a select model with option packages ..........

    I noticed the same better ride and seemingly larger interior compared to my 2007 Town Car. I did pick the roughest roads in my area to test drive the Continental Reserve (in comfort setting) on and also drive my Town Car over for comparison.


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