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Lincoln Forum: 2017 MKC - Sun shade issue
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    Question 2017 MKC - Sun shade issue

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    Hi folks,

    I just bought a new 2017 Lincoln MKC Reserve July 21st and have enjoyed it a lot except... the sun shade / sun roof is not working properly and consistently since the 2nd day I had the car. I've been back and forth with Lincoln, the dealership I bought it at, and a dealership closer to home, and have yet to get a resolution. I'm hoping maybe some folks here have some ideas or suggestions...

    In certain circumstances, the sun shade when closed will not reopen. It appears and sounds like it is stuck. When running the re-initialization procedure, it will work again for a while. But then after circumstances (yet to figure out what) it will stop working again. Then running the re-initialization will get it working again. The only common thing is it seems like in all instances where it has stopped working it has been sitting in the parking lot at work (and once in the parking lot at the dealership). I'm not sure if it has something to do with light or heat exposure.

    Any ideas? A bit frustrating for a brand new car

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    Royal Palm Beach, Florida
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    Welcome aboard! And thank you for signing up. Well, if this is an issue with the system then you posted in the right place. Let's see if any other 2017 MKC owners are having this issue... And congratulations on your brand new Lincoln MKC Reserve!
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