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Lincoln Forum: Cruise Control Question
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    Yet another discovery: At low speeds even NOT in cruise control this thing will shift down to slow down whenever it senses that you WANT to slow down. Apparently it interprets taking your foot entirely of the gas at some low speed as a desire to slow down and it will shift down some to slow the vehicle. The same is true if you are very lightly applying brakes at some low speed. I could be misinterpreting this as POSSIBLY the car is going to shift into a lower gear when your speed drops below some preset amount regardless of whether you are trying to slow down or not (??) Any other interpretations ?

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    You're driving a Lincoln!! Stop worrying about a few pennies of gas and let the car do it's job while you enjoy the ride!!

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    Since fewer than 1% of the speeding tickets nationwide are for single digit speeding, I typically set my CC for 5-7 MPH over the speed limit when on major highways. I am sort of glad that the CC will slow down the car on steep grades since it doesn't allow me to unknowingly go into the double digit speeding range. I can see how it could be nice to have it as a "selectable" feature. In our overly litigious society, I wonder if that would open the door to automaker lawsuits over speeding tickets when the CC was set at the speed limit. I did a little hunting around on the internet and it seems that a top complaint on CC is that on some cars, it allows you to go well over the speed limit on steep grades - and it results in speeding tickets. Apparently, that is not an acceptable defense on a speeding ticket! Looking at the complaints, it appears that the police in some states purposefully set up the speed traps at the bottom of steep grades knowing that is where speeding will most likely occur.

    This is why I love these forums, it makes me think a bit about certain issues, likes or dislikes that I never really considered before.

    On the opposite side of the coin... What I hate about these forums is that people sometimes complain about something that I had never noticed before - and then all of a sudden, it bothers me too! Sometimes, ignorance is bliss!

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