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Lincoln Forum: Jammed Storage Bin -- Under Warranty???
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    Jammed Storage Bin -- Under Warranty???

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    My storage bin on my MKC in front of the cup holders is jammed -- took it in for service, but they couldn't open it. It's not stuffed full, so that can't be the problem.

    When they work on it next week, they said the part would be $187.00 if something of mine jammed it and it broke while they tried to open it. They said Lincoln would pay for the part if it was defective, but that I'd have to pay for the labor. I was told the work would take 2-3 hours.

    My question: since my MKC is under a year old, shouldn't all of this be covered by warranty? If the bin doesn't open properly and jams, isn't that a problem with the storage unit and not with me? I think it's a flawed design if somehow a credit card became lodged in the storage bin track. Nothing in the manual warns of obstructions causing problems with the storage compartment.

    When I asked about a loaner car, they said I'd have to pay $30. for a Ford loaner or $45. for a Lincoln loaner if the fault was determined to be mine. This is not the service and warranty I expected when I bought this car. If Lincoln says they will "provide a loaner car" if my car is left there to be worked on, should I have expected to be billed for that loaner?

    Thanks for any advice or opinions.

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    Sounds like you need to take it to a different dealer, if possible. You can also take it to any Ford dealership for service. That is what I do. In my town, there is only one Lincoln dealer that I avoid like the plague. I bought my Z from a dealership two hours away! Anyway, it sounds like that dealership is full of it. If the cover becomes jammed by normal use it IS covered under warranty. Only if they can prove the part was ABUSED can they make you pay for it. And paying for labor on a defective part? No friggin way! If you can't take it to a different dealer, ask to speak to the service manager. If that does not help, contact Lincoln Care. They love it when they are presented issues like this. The Lincoln dealership here also does not provide a loaner (as your paperwork says... at participating dealers). Good luck!


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