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Thread: SYNC update

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    I will totally agree with this. Mine is 2012 and with each update it is getting worst.

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    Quote Originally Posted by azfara View Post
    After the update I lost the ability to text through my Iphone 6s. It was working before but now it says this device is not supported for this feature. Also voice commands to Media are totally screwed up. I say Play Album AC/DC and Sync shows me list of 4 albums U2 and WD40. Totally frustrated. Also I do not understand why there is no scroll option on the staring wheel or a button close to driver? If you have 50 Playlists and Audiobooks you keep scrolling and even when you find the playlist when you press back i takes to to the beginning of the list. so dumb.
    If you scroll and then find an albumb and open it and select a song to play. You cannot go back to list of songs without going all the way back to list of albums?
    MY GOD who designed this interface. I am sure texting and driving is much safer then operating Sync and driving.
    Which update are you referring to?? According to some posts on the Ford Explorer Forum, V3.10 fixed some of the issues members were having with their phones. I can't comment much further as I don't have a Smartphone, just a regular one.

    Used to have a 2014 MKT


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