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Lincoln Forum: Which new premium compact crossover will sell best, Lincoln MKC or Lexus NX?
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    Which new premium compact crossover will sell best, Lincoln MKC or Lexus NX?

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    Lexus and Lincoln will both bring to market what seems to be the exact formula for success. We predict which will do better and explain why the vehicle itself is just part of the answer.

    The compact luxury crossover market in the US is about to get more crowded. Later this year both Lincoln with its all-new MKC , and Lexus with its all-new NX will attempt to muscle in on the segment that BMW’s X3, and Mercedes GLK have established. Actually, the 1998 Lexus RX 300 created the whole thing back a few car-generations ago, but then grew itself out of the compact crossover segment and became sort of mid-sized and also premium-priced. It was a good move for Lexus. The RX 350 and its hybrid version now sell at about three times the rate of the BMW X3. However, the market for vehicles just a bit smaller is about to explode. Both Lexus and Lincoln plan to play hardball to capture some of the sales.

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    According to the Lincoln website the MKC price point is $52K about the same as MKX (fully loaded). The Cadillac SRX is $56K which is about the same as BMW X3.

    Not sure what the Lexus NX is going to be.

    The best buy in the market today is the Acura RDX which is around $44K (top of the line). It should be noted that the RDX is not as well equipped as the ones above.

    The MKC has to be more price competitive.

    As much as I am in the market for a replacement for my Infiniti FX I would avoid the first year model of MKC…

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    Danny_Boy, where are you getting these prices? Do you live in another country? The MKC starts at $33k in the US.
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    We'll be shopping for a replacement for our RX400h later this year, and both the NX and MKC look interesting. We don't know, of course, how well equipped the NX300h will be compared to the MKC. If it's missing things like ventilated seats and adaptive cruise, it's off the table. Otherwise, Lincoln's failure to do a hybrid MKC will make it tough to compare to the NX300h.

    Looking at other competitors that can be optioned with all the safety and convenience gear, we were surprised to see we can put together a fully-loaded Jeep Cherokee Limited for about 14k less than a fully loaded MKC...

    The Audi Q5 and BMW X3 are missing too many features to be of interest to us, and Acura's RDX, well, it's so short in the Luxury and Tech arena we're looking at, it's pathetic.

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    Feb 2014

    Checkout the Lincoln web site:

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    Manufacturers vary in how much they bump prices for Canada.

    To compare similarly equipped models in the U.S. (no NX yet):

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