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Lincoln Forum: 2015 Lincoln Continental
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    2015 Lincoln Continental

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    What are your thoughts on this design by Casey at

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    Slick Fan is offline Senior Member My Lincoln(s): 2003 TC Signature, 1977 TC, 2003 Aviator
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    Jan 2014
    I'm not feeling the "Continental hump", otherwise it looks pretty schweet! I like the idea for the retractable center portion of the rear window, and the suicide doors. Plus it's wearing two of my favorite colors!

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    Could be interesting IF it was designed as a RWD.

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    It looks like a triumph of style over practicality. The car should have been designed first and then let a stylist make minor changes.

    Suicide doors may look stylish but they are a real pain in real world operation. You need an empty parking lot for front and rear seat occupants on same side to exit together. The stupidest design ever.

    Whatever was the stylist thinking with that line from the top of the front fender over the rear fender and around over the trunk. It looks ridiculous, especially over the trunk.

    The two "parallel" chrome pieces where the lights are don't look right, they dip in the center as does the Lincoln name on the trunk. This may be enhanced by the poor positioning of the Lincoln symbol positioned below the top chrome strip and over the bottom chrome strip.

    The short rear doors imply very little space for rear passengers and the small side window must restrict vision. The very low rear roofline looks very stylish but it must restrict the headroom for rear passengers, who probably will be kid sized.

    I like the front and rear fenders the way they start high and curve outward and down to accommodate big wheels and tires and a long travel suspension.

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    Maybe someday...

    As long as the MKS is luxurious, stylish, and a little sporty, it should suffice as a flagship for a while.

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    I like it; it's got character; albeit not a fan of the faint 'hump' in the back, but it's got the right size and right lines for it to be a proper Continental. I see a few Mark III elements in there as well...


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