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Lincoln Forum: 2008 MKZ Remote Start Problems
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    2008 MKZ Remote Start Problems

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    Hi all! i have a mkz that has ford remote quit working last march,now that colder weather is coming i finally got in gear to get it working.When activated it moves the seat ahead(as if key was in) then beeps and the security light starts flashing.I have programmed the keys and the remote starts according to instructions in installation manual. Weird thing is i had a dead battery the other day(replaced it) When i was checking out the connections on the battery,cleaning them and tightening them,i tried the remote start after that and it worked..I tried it several times that day and it worked each time.Now when i got out from work i tried the remote start and it set off the alarm(about 10 beeps?) After i did the plugs today and replaced the battery i programmed the keys/remotes and no go still,the security light is flashing..could it be the module for the remote start sensor ring that goes around the ignition switch? i checked all the connections under dash and have no broken wires etc...any help most welcome..i made sure its not in valet mode also...


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