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I bought my wife a one elderly owner, 40,000 mile 2011 MKX about 4 months ago... The car has been meticulously maintained every 3000 miles with Mobil 1 synthetic so I am staying with that routine... The car looks new and runs amazing so we've been very pleased with the car...

Shortly after we bought it the touchscreen (Sync) and back up camera started doing some crazy stuff.... I narrowed that down to a bad APIM and camera... Got that fixed to the tune of $1000.

Tonight I noticed the engine has a subtle tick when she pulled in..... I was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this in their 3.7 MKX?

I checked it out to make sure it wasn't just injector noise but it is not.. I'm not too concerned at this point as I'm thinking it just may be normal for this engine but I wanted to get other input first... Thanks
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